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Esporta Wash Systems has a global footprint providing powerful, industry changing technologies,

offering unique patented technology that sets the standard for the restoration of textiles and soft
contents. Through continuous innovation, Esporta set the modern standard and has redefined the

potential for restoration companies. Working with one of its partners in Canada, they have identified

 the chemistry and process that works well in cleaning and decontaminating items exposed to Covid-19.

Wahconah is a member of the Esporta Certified Operators of North America.

Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc is the only company whose proprietary and patented technology has

revolutionized the way alumina is rated and used for chromatography, separation science,

environmental cleanup and disease control over the past 35 years. The results - The highest quality
alumina and silica in the industry, and the ability to develop specialized and customized solutions for
the widest range of applications.

The DAI management team are leaders in the field of separating and purifying chemical compounds

in large volume for pilot and production applications and have a history of providing technology,

solution orientation, with an ability to customize products. Wahconah is a worldwide authorized

distributor for Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc.