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Strategic Alliances     Tactical Services 

Working with its international chain of manufacturers, the Company is able to provide a wide range

of masks, from basic washable, civilian masks  to specialized products that actually

capture and kill various toxins, bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.


The agreement Wahconah has established with Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc (DAI), is for a very high-end

line of products that are based on a patented process. DAI’s is a technology company  with a

mission to develop better, more efficient solutions for separation technology and purification, and to

deal with some of the most pressing environmental, health, and other threats to the health and

safety of people throughout the world. Lab tested and implemented in various applications

throughout the world, Wahconah is initially only working with the products utilizing Dyna-CidalTM


Dyna-CidalTM is a solution of special DAI proprietary compounds that are very powerful in killing and

capturing various microbes (bacteria and viruses) as well as bio terror toxins. Dyna-CidalTM is

totally harmless, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Wahconah is authorized to sell the Dyna-MasksTM

and Dyna-Safety ClothsTM globally, and will also utilize them within its regional decontamination