It's now possible to integrate intelligent connectivity into virtually anything you can wear.  The Wahconah Group, acting as a wearable systems integrator with strong apparel experience, is partnering with companies offering patented state-of-the-art technologies enabling it to provide a host of smart apparel and wearable technology solutions.   Through these collaborations, we are offering leading edge, creative and innovative solutions!

Many applications developed for wearables served only for personal area networks, allowing an individual to monitor their own performance or health signals.   Wahconah offers wearable solutions that connect to the Internet of Things and can be utilized for large groups of people, while providing individual monitoring.  

Our approach is setting up and identifying the DNA for the wearable solution, which basically identifies the three major components needed: Device, the Network and Application. The Device is the wearable clothing item that we provide, communicating with existing networks that user may already have in place, or through one established at time of application implementation.  Applications include the ability to bring heat, light, sound/music, two-way communications, and various sensors monitoring to apparel products.

Serving as a wearable systems integrator:

  • Design and technology development team integrating high performance textiles/smart apparel and wearable technologies.
  • Gateway applications that communicate to the 'cloud'. 
  • Developing retail applications that benefit stores and brands
  • Leverage use of wearables for military, medical and commercial industry    utilization  Introducing new, lightweight, lower cost consumer wearable product options
  •  Network of world class technology and smart textile partners
  • A market facing company, The Wahconah Group remains on the hunt for new and improved solutions on all fronts and welcomes the opportunity to review and discuss new applications, technologies and product offerings for market.