Tactial Services Continued

Where traditional cleaning systems are limited to the laundering of soft goods such as uniforms, our

 system has been designed to treat and support survivability and sustainment components such as body

 armor, boots, eye protection, backpacks, webbing, sleep systems, holsters, knee pads and more, as well

 as uniforms and other articles that are traditionally laundered.


 Further care for the equipment is provided through the drying process. Instead of beating up equipment in

 a commercial dryer, we us specialized “dry rooms” quickly and gently remove moisture from all

 equipment. The result is a thoroughly dried piece of gear that can be stored without fear of shrinkage,

 mildew or odors.

For fire fighters, carcinogens are the lingering
dangers they face after every call. These cancer -
causing elements can stay on PPE and clothing; our
cleaning process with Esporta machines is NFPA approved. Our restoration and repair services   extend the service life of commonly replaced personal protective equipment without degrading any of its protective properties. A variety of repairs and restoration services may be conducted by our staff experienced in handling bunker gear, military uniforms and equipment.