The Company serves as the hub for designing, developing and manufacturing apparel, accessories, wearable and retail technologies; creating vertical integration or end-to-end services (design-to-selling-floor).  With strong experience in retail, fashion/apparel, technology and product development, Wahconah has divisional product and brand-focused teams to bring the products to market. 

On the Fashion – Apparel side, the Company engages in the design, sourcing, manufacture, and marketing of apparel operating through three target areas for sales: licensed brands, owned brands and contract manufacturing.

On the Technology side the Company is partnering with companies offering patented state-of-the-art technologies providing a host of smart apparel and wearable electronic solutions.   Through these collaborations, Wahconah is offering leading edge, creative and innovative solutions for the marketplace.

As an Intel Inside Cloud Partner, Wahconah is introducing a proven wireless inventory tag targeting retailers with an integrated Digital Hang Tag that includes Dynamic Price Management, inventory controls for stock accuracy and replenishment, as well as security protocols for loss prevention, all backed by 30 patents for retail & inventory applications. Wahconah's product offering is a disruptive technology combined in a single unit that brings major added value to brands and retailers creating value and a measurable ROI.

The digital dynamic pricing hang tags can also serve as the gateway to the Intel Retail Sensor Platform, which can help retailers delight customers; increase sales staff efficiency, and save costs.  It provides the near-real-time insight to help optimize store layouts, respond to evolving demands and trends, and increase sales.  Together we help to reimage brick-and-mortar stores for the digital age.

The Wahconah Group is also a registered government contractor and pursues government business under the following North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes: 313210, 314120, 315210, 315990, and 424320.