While constantly on the lookout for great outsourcing partners, no matter where they are located, Wahconah is an American company that is doing the best it can to support home-grown initiatives.

With modern technologies Made in America can be extremely viable. Costs around the world are going up; as is the cost of transporting items half-way around the globe to the United States. We have a business model that can maximize the best of international markets while leveraging Made in America production. Made in America production offers a speed-to-market advantage, providing shorter time-frame for sampling, and a shorter cycle for products to get to market, quicker ability to market-test products, and ability to fill in production gaps or second runs for product requirements. Automated production capability helps the Company be cost competitive.

Wahconah is establishing its American production capability through acquisition, leveraging of its domestic network of factories and building direct capability in its Cleveland facilities.