Tactical Cleaning, Decontamination, Repair and Restoration

Repair and Restore, Don’t Replace

Unfortunately, various diseases, viruses, and health concern issues are occurring almost annually.
Wahconah is pursuing the establishment of regional facilities to support special cleaning of various

government agencies tactical gear; but also have capacity to convert to handle hazmat cleaning of

special items as part of a national preparedness program in the event of epidemics, fires, floods, and

at the moment; Covid-19.

The overall process has been utilized successfully to clean/decontaminate a military facility in Canada

which served to quarantine Covid-19 patients.


Open for discussions with private and government entities, we are
looking to place facilities regionally with ability to transport and
decontaminate /clean tactical gear, soft goods, and first responder

Wahconah can immediately begin to support emergency protocols being appropriated for COVID-19

response in support of private and public sector entities relieving some concerns and pressure

surrounding the handling of the current pandemic.

The Wahconah Group looks to be a valuable member of response teams in support of regional and

local efforts. Bringing experience and professionalism to what is often a dangerous and emotional

situation, the decontamination and cleaning of items due to biohazards.