Teamed with South River Ventures, Retail Technologies is introducing a wireless inventory tag targeting retailers
with an integrated Digital Display Hang Tag that includes Dynamic Price Management, inventory controls for stock
accuracy and replenishment, as well as security protocols for loss prevention, all backed by 30 patents for retail &
inventory applications. This product offering is a disruptive technology combined in a single unit that brings major
added value to brands and retailers creating value and a measurable ROI.  The product offerings are further
enhanced by the inclusion of augmented reality.

The digital dynamic pricing hang tags can also serve as the gateway to other Retail applications which can help
retailers delight customers; increase sales staff efficiency, and save costs, helping to reimage brick-and-mortar
stores for the digital age.

Leveraging many of same technologies, the Company is also introducing a smart shelf with augmented reality.


Elegant Styles works with fiber, smart textiles and wearable electronic technologies to bring innovative products to
market. The Company engages in the design, sourcing, manufacture, and marketing of apparel selling through
wholesale and consumer direct operations.

Elegant Styles product offerings include reliable and lightweight anti-bio-containment fabrics; water repellent and
moisture management finishes; energy healing infrared textiles; puncture resistant and bullet proof materials. 
Capabilities include the ability to bring heat, light, sound/music and two way communications to apparel products;
and interactive performance clothing which include various sensors monitoring environment or wearer's health status.

Elegant Styles offers wearable solutions that connect to the Internet of Things and can be utilized by large groups
of people, while providing individual monitoring. Setting up and identifying the Device, Network and Application, we
make the wearable clothing "the Device", communicating with existing user networks or through ones established at
time of application implementation.

A market facing company,  Elegant Styles remains on the hunt for new and improved solutions on all fronts and
welcomes the opportunity to review and discuss new applications, technologies and product offerings for market.