The Company founder firmly believes that to whom much is given, much is required, and has set the tone throughout the company to give back, thereby making a difference in the communities we serve. To contribute, to look out for, and assist people where and when possible, creating win-win-win relationships – we are adding value to the departments, organizations, and corporate entities we are associated with. Thus, The Wahconah Group has established a, “Clothes That Give Back™” program. It is a multi-faceted program involving value-price clothing, donations from sales, fund raising activities, discount programs and hands-on involvement in a number of areas and levels to make a positive difference in the communities served. Currently there are two programs that the Company is working with through this program.

The Survival Coat™ Created by Judith Kucera.

Thousands of people are living on the streets today – whether they are victimized by a natural disaster, or are unemployed, they are
HOMELESS. The Survival Coat™ is geared to comfort those who are unable to obtain adequate shelter. This product line was created to supply disaster victims and homeless with a temporary shelter coat, water proof, warm, and designed to double as a sleeping bag.



Links Threads ™ is an American Golf Company dedicated to giving back through the game of golf. Proceeds from each purchase are donated to junior golf programs across the country. Apparel products are 100 % Made in America.

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