The Wahconah Group is a privately owned corporation focused on Retail, Government and Consumer

 markets. As a marketing and sales-oriented apparel Company, the business model is to provide end to

 end services, able to Design, Source, Manufacture, Clean and Repair apparel and accessories. Introducing

 and vigilant for disruptive concepts and technologies the Company provides Innovation, Manufacturing

 and Services.


The Wahconah Group takes its name from Western Massachusetts and the legend of a resourceful

 Indian Princess named Wahconah who had two young braves in a rivalry to determine whose

 squaw she would be. Mohawk warrior visiting her village was enchanted by her beauty and

 received her father’s permission to marry her the following spring, as her father saw him as a

 brave and stalwart man. 

 One day as Wahconah was collecting firewood, she was attacked by a bear. As she struggled to

 escape its claws, a young warrior appeared. He was an Algonquin named Nessacus. With but a

 light fish spear, Nessacus killed the bear, though the beast’s talons tore his flesh. The young

 man was ill from his wounds for many days, and Wahconah nursed him tenderly with her own

 hands. Her beauty and friendliness captured his heart and he asked her father for her hand in

 marriage. Wahcoah’s father told him that although he was a brave man and had saved his

 daughter's life, he felt that he must keep his promise to the other warrior. Perplexed, the chief

 went to the lodge of the medicine man, and the two men smoked many pipes as they discussed


 the problem of the two warriors who were in love with Wahconah. Agreement that both warriors

 were brave men and had just claims. One of these men claimed Wahconah on a promise, the

 other because he had saved her life. Thus, only fate should judge the right warrior, and a contest

 should be held.     CONTINUE READING